What does the Driver Rehab program offer?

  • Clinical assessments of abilities by a certified occupational therapist
  • Behind-the-wheel evaluations by a professional with dual certification in driver instruction and occupational therapy
  • Equipment consulting
  • Driver training

FLX Driver Rehabilitation program
puts you in the driver’s seat!

What is Driver Rehabilitation?

Driver rehabilitation is a type of rehabilitation that helps individuals facing challenges caused by a disability or age to achieve safe, independent driving or transportation options through education or information dissemination. Professionals who work in the field use adaptive equipment and modified vehicles to help people attain independent transportation.

The adaptive driving program serves a
range of disabilities. Below are some of the communities served and some helpful informational links for individuals whose driving is affected by these conditions.

Acquired head injury
Learning disability
Multiple sclerosis
Muscular dystrophy
Parkinson’s disease
Visual Impairments/ Cataracts/Glaucoma/ Macular Degeneration

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