John Lorenzetti assisted me to getting back on the road using adaptive equipment after I suffered a major stroke. His experience, patience, and willingness to help in any way possible made me 100% satisfied. I am now driving everyday
thanks to John.

John W.,
Seneca Falls, NY


February 2010 was the beginning of a horrible nightmare for my wife and I. Surgery she had, turned into a stroke and the life we knew and loved was only a memory.

Having aphasia from her stroke, she knows and realizes everything that's going on around her and what she wants to say, but she just can't say it. She was asked questions about different traffic signs etc. but when she couldn't speak the answer she got no credit for it. Needless to say, she failed a driver rehab test. Through her whole ordeal with stroke and rehab, I never saw her so discouraged as when we left that place. She knew all the answers as she drove school bus for over twenty years.

Then her sister heard about the program at Geneva General. We contacted John Lorenzetti and even though my wife did not want to go, I made and we kept our appointment at the hospital. I can't really explain the difference in John's program other than he obviously had a lot more experience working with aphasia.

His program included a clinical test and accelerator to brake pedal reaction timing, etc. He was so patient and concerned working with her throughout the many driving lessons. I can't praise him enough for the way he worked his magic with my wife. Today she enjoys driving again, and it's all because of John Lorenzetti.

Gerry & Debbie S.
Bloomfield, NY


In the beginning of 2013 I was involved in a bad ATV accident. I suffered a brain injury and broke several limbs. As a result of this I was instructed to complete a driver rehabilitation course in order to be able to drive again. I enrolled in driver rehab via the Garnsey rehab center at Geneva General Hospital.

Mr. Lorenzetti was my instructor of the driver rehab course. I found his guidance and concern for my situation to be very considerate and helpful for myself. He made it easy for me to get back on the road again and he was an excellent instructor. His program is very important to this area. I would like to bestow my thanks to Mr. Lorenzetti and wish he much luck on his new endeavor.

Mike C.
Waterloo, NY


In July 2013, a medical emergency resulted in the amputation of my right leg below the knee. In addition to the medical and emotional trauma associated with that, I became homebound and dependent on friends for transportation because I could not drive.

Having been accustomed to independence, this was very difficult to deal with. One of the therapists coming to my home told me about John Lorenzetti and his driver rehabilitation program. I signed up as soon as it was medically possible for me to do so.

John is patient, caring, and very knowledgeable about rehabilitating drivers. He built my skills, and more importantly my confidence. After a few weeks and some modification to my vehicle, I am back on the road and independent again!

There are not many of this type of program, and it is very fortunate that John’s program is right here in the Finger Lakes. I would recommend John to anyone needing this type of assistance. Thanks, John!

Marge G.
Newark, NY


I highly recommend John to anyone needing driver rehabilitation. As the victim of a stroke, which paralyzed my left arm, hand and leg, I found myself unable to drive. John showed me how to work around it and rebuilt my self confidence in the process. He is patient, very thorough and I enjoyed my time with him a lot. The car is equipped to handle various disabilities which he will thoroughly demonstrate to suit your condition.

When it came time for my road test, I got a very "picky" examiner but, thanks to John and his excellent course, I passed with flying colors.

If you need driver rehabilitation, don't hesitate call John! Like me you'll be glad you did!

Tom N.,
Keuka Park, NY